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Behold the Magnificent Bitch

For She is Rife with Power

Love Isn't Invasion, It's Symbiosis
18 February
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"God's grace is the reminder that you always have been free -- it's just the default setting to be too afraid to reach for it -- and the gentle push that turns you around to face it. God's grace is a day like this, a genocide redeemed in a single day where no one dies. When you get objective evidence that what you've chosen to be is informed by your actions, a well-formed equation, and you're reminded that you can dance again. That you never forgot how."

"The thing that keeps you safe and the thing that gets you killed get scrambled all up because of love."

"When you fall in love with the shapeshifter, you meet her at the crossroads, full moon at midnight, and you hold her. No matter what she becomes. Fire, snake, hateful killer, snarling horse, wild beast. Pilot. Murderous, schizophrenic mother's daughter. Treacherous, disappearing soldier's lover. Hands around your throat; hands around your heart. Even when it's killing you. Even when she's Harvey's lovely daughter, all in a coldsuit, hair gone long and straight and black as night, lover and enemy in one, you hold her. You hold her, because it's your love that draws her back; your love that's the star by which she steers herself home. And she'll do the same for you, because you're a shapeshifter too.

Even when it's killing her."